How to call function in certain time interval Ask Question

I need to run a certain API function, in a certain time period once the access token is granted, and check the status and inform the user if there any changes.

So far i did it by clicking a button on popup window of the firefox addon and calling the functions background js files, so i can receive the info from the API and notify the user. But i need to automate this process in background js files.

Are there any firefox inbuild JS API or any other way to achieve this auto API request calling from addon background files?

call page function from firefox addon with location.href doesn't work Ask Question

i try to call a javascript function from the original page from my firefox extension content_script like this:


location.href="javascript:tellParent('lightboxClose();'); void 0";

This works very well in my Chrome Extension but doesn’t work in my Firefox Addon.

Is there a similar solution or a workaround to call that function from the page?
I’m searching for a solution since hours and can’t get it to work.

Hope you can help me

Manipulating the browser chrome in a web extension Ask Question

I want to develop a small extension to hide the browser chrome for a use case. It seems that the new way to develop addons is to use the web extension api. With the old api it seems to be possible to manipulate the chrome. E.g. in the webdeveloper console (with some config flags) I was able to run this code:

document.getElementById('toolbar-menubar').style.display = 'none';

However it seems to be impossible with the web extension api. Is there any way to do that?